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The Mindful Tourist

the mindful tourist

The Mindful Tourist presents the first comprehensive theoretical perspective on mindfulness in contemporary tourist experiences. This innovative new study is based on the detailed exploration of mindful consumer behaviour and draws on insights from new cases of mindful tourism experiences, examining the potential for broader uptake across the industry.Examining the foundations of meditative mindfulness practices, mindfulness and tourism, the mindful tourism experience, and transformational power of mindful tourism experiences, The Mindful Tourist: The Power of Presence in Tourism explores key themes and issues, including the drivers of mindfulness in the tourism domain, the commodification of mindfulness, mindfulness and sustainability, and mindful tourist experiences being assisted through technology.

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Mindfulness meditation is becoming increasingly mainstream, which is reflected in a rapidly growing number of related technology applications. Such technology-assisted mindfulness is typically referred to as e-mindfulness. The e-mindfulness trend creates opportunities for the tourism industry but also implies changed consumer perspectives on tourist experiences.

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Digital wellbeing


Digital well-being emerged as a concept from rising public concerns regarding technostress and the effects of information and communication technologies (ITC) over-use on individual mental and physical health and on auxiliary aspects of life, including effects on society and the environment. In simple terms, digital well-being can be seen as a state of personal well-being experienced through the healthy and responsible use of digital technology.

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Calm (technology) design


Tourism industry practitioners should understand the controversial nature of the information and communication technology (ICT) proliferation to ensure that ICT solutions do not consume too much of consumer attention. The concept of calm technology or calm design serves this purpose. Calm design suggests that technology should quietly recede in the background and come into play with users when and if required, thus delivering and/or enhancing a desired consumer experience.

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Viewpoint > Tourism 4.0 technologies and tourist experiences

Building on the momentum of Industry 4.0 developments in production and manufacturing, the tourism-specific concept of Tourism 4.0 currently fuels visions of similar technology-based transformations towards highly interconnected and phygital systems in the tourism industry. There is an implicit assumption that the technological innovations of Tourism 4.0 work better for the benefits of tourists. However, even marvels of tourism information technology often come with a serious lack of human-centered design. The unprecedented speed of development and implementation of Tourism 4.0 technology further adds to this neglect.

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ICT and wellbeing in tourism - Special issue!

this special issue of the Journal of Information Technology & Tourism focuses on the challenges and opportunities ICT uses or practices create for well-being in tourism contexts. It aims, on one hand, to elaborate on ICTs and their potential negative influence on tourism experiences and overall well-being. On the other hand, it seeks to recognize innovative ICTs and ongoing industry solutions to cope with well-being problems, or leverage IT uptake to create healthier and more beneficial experiences.

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